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Configuration Management

PLL Logistics Solutions
Configuration Management

Documenting & Controlling Configuration of Items

PLL Logistics performs configuration management (CM) on all weapons systems, equipment, and associated software under its purview.  PLL Logistics delivers a means of documenting and controlling the configuration of material items so that managers can better regulate total life cycle costs, contract requirements, schedules, operational performance, readiness, and ILS support.  When performing configuration management, PLL Logistics follows the guidance provided in NAVSEAINST 4130.12B and the Configuration Management Policy and Guidance in the MIL-HDBK-61B.

PLL Logistics delivers CM throughout the configuration items (CI) life cycle and the degree of CM applied depends of the mission essentiality of the CI.  PLL Logistics performs the amount of CM necessary during the early engineering design and development phases to ensure configuration control through to the final design.  Delivering CM includes establishing configuration baselines for ships, systems, and equipment including computer software and firmware.  PLL Logistics will manage all technical documentation including drawings and specifications for primary baseline control.  Provisions will be made to establish Life Cycle Managers (LCMs) to ensure applicable configuration documentation will be developed or maintained throughout the life cycle of all Cis.  The LCM will also establish configuration control boards (CCBs) to review and act on all proposed configuration changes.  PLL Logistics will communicate to all the necessary Ship’s Program managers and Configuration Data Managers (CDMs) for the accuracy of all ship’s configuration and logistics information (SCLSI).  PLL Logistics will coordinate with the appropriate ship class CDMs to submit CM work files through the Configuration Data Manager’s Database-Open Architecture (CDMD-OA).


Our goal is to provide the best integrated logistical support services.