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ILS for Computer Infrastructure

PLL Logistics Solutions
ILS for computer infrastructure

Infrastructure for Computer Systems

PLL Logistics Solutions addresses the facilities, hardware, software, documentation, and manpower and personnel needed to operate and support embedded computer systems.  Computer hardware and software performance requirements, if needed, are a specialized ILS process capability of PLL Logistics Solutions.  PLL Logistics Solutions produces software development plans prepared for the acquisition of software programs and a Computer Resources Life Cycle Management Plan (CRLCMP) is developed to describe how software changes will be managed throughout the life of the item; the plan will address specific items such as responsibilities and actions required for configuration control, documentation development, validation and verification, and management of U.S Navy fleet feedback.


PLL Logistics Solutions can integrate a Material Management Information System (MMIS) into an organization’s existing IT infrastructure including the interoperability of electronic health records (EHR).  The interoperability of a new MMIS with existing ERP and EHR systems can measurably achieve improved operational efficiency for the healthcare facility.


Employing an MMIS may result in business process improvement and PLL Logistics Solutions can assist by ensuring each activity meets the demands required by the FDA.  PLL Logistics Solutions will not just walk away after implementation, we can ensure each activity has and maintains up-to-date software and technological proficient information systems to meet the demands required by the FDA and the health care industry.


Our goal is to provide the best integrated logistical support services.