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Supply Chain Management

PLL Logistics Solutions
Supply Chain Management

Packaging, Handling, Storage, and Transportation

PLL Logistics addresses the resources, processes, procedures, and considerations related to packaging, handling, storage, and transportation (PHS&T).  This includes but not limited to environmental considerations and equipment preservation requirements for short and long term storage.  All PHS&T requirements will be developed to ensure the safe handling, storage, and transportation of the end item equipment and its associated components throughout the life cycle.

Transportation Services

PLL Logistics provides transportation services to handle domestic transportation, as well as global transportation management.  PLL Logistics handles ocean and intermodal freight.  PLL Logistics Solutions are affiliated with transportation companies as YRC Logistics and CONWAY.  Most recently, PLL Logistics has teamed with McLaughlin Trucking. As a leader in technology, PLL Logistics Solutions offers total asset visibility using radio frequency identification device (RFID) technology to trace and track the movement of your goods from point A to point B.


Warehouse Management

PLL Logistics prides itself in warehouse management.  Warehousing capabilities include order fulfillment, pick-pack, kitting, inspection, return goods processing, and inventory management to serve all supply chain management needs.  PLL Logistics also incorporates the best technology providing state-of-the-art warehouse management software system into the daily operation for quick and easy access of information.  PLL Logistics Solutions believes the ability to acquire information in real-time is vital to managing an efficient supply chain. PLL Logistics Solutions ensures a sound warehouse management system by providing the oversight of a warehouse operation that includes receiving, tracking, and storing inventory, as well as training staff, managing shipping, workload planning, and monitoring the movement of goods.  PLL Logistics believes there are five key essential warehouse management processes to a successful operation:


  1. Inventory tracking. Inventory tracking is monitoring stock levels so you know which SKUs you have in your warehouse and the exact locations in which you store them.
  2. Picking and packing. Picking and packing are two core functions performed in a warehouse.
  3. Receiving and stowing. .
  4. Shipping.
  5. Reporting.


Healthcare Logistics

PLL Logistics specializes in Healthcare Logistics and provides the procurement and distribution of unique and hard-to-find health care products. Complete customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.


PLL Logistics provides 2 dimensional barcoding on all healthcare related medical items ion inventory ensuring unique device identification (UDI) and guarantees with the right MMIS and barcoding equipment medical device recalls only takes hours versus days of researching through records.  PLL Logistics guarantees all barcoding is held to the strictest standard mandated by the FDA.


PLL Logistics has spent more than 10 years providing health care logistics solutions to the healthcare industry and tailoring its supply chain processes to each individual healthcare facility with 100% satisfaction.


Our goal is to provide the best integrated logistical support services.