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ILS for Electronic Systems and Equipment

PLL Logistics Solutions
ILS for Electronic Systems and Equipment

The Best Supportability Influence on Design

PLL Logistics ensures ILS is applied to the design interface of equipment and maintains that as the primary area of integration among logistics and systems/software engineering functions. This includes but is not limited to the design parameters such as reliability, maintainability, and supportability.  Design interface provides product specifications which measure demands on the logistics system by system performance rather than inherent technical factors of design. The logistics analysis applied by PLL Logistics on the engineering process will ensure the best supportability influence on design.

Following logistical analysis, engineering data for provisioning (EDFP) usually follows. PLL Logistics develops the technical data that provides the definitive identification of dimensional, material, mechanical, electrical, or other characteristics adequate for provisioning of the support items of the applied design of the electronic equipment. The technical data is commonly known as the provisioning technical data (PTD) and PLL Logistics uses for the development of Allowance Parts Lists (APL) through the Interactive Computer Aided Provisioning System (ICAPS). PLL Logistics ensures the accuracy of the PTD data so that the APLs represent the parts used on the equipment and therefore, a product useful onboard submarines and surface ships.


Our goal is to provide the best integrated logistical support services.