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PLL Logistics Solutions

Training of Personnel

PLL Logistics Solutions develops Navy training plans that adhere to the latest policies, processes, procedures, techniques, training devices, and equipment used to train all user personnel to acquire, operate, and support a system.  This includes individual and crew training; new equipment training; and initial, formal, and on-the-job training.  Although the greatest amount of training is accomplished just prior to fielding a system, in most programs a large number of individuals must also be trained during system development to support the system test and evaluation program.  This early training also provides a good opportunity to flush out all training issues prior to the production and conduct of formal training.

PLL Logistics Solutions addresses the training support to provide the procedures, curricula, techniques, training devices, simulators, and equipment necessary to train all employees to operate and support the necessary equipment and information systems to provide supply chain management solutions to its customers.  PLL Logistics develops Navy Training System Plans (NTSP) for various systems and equipment, addressing initial, formal, and on-the-job-training.


Our goal is to provide the best integrated logistical support services.